Disadvantages of Aadhaar card

Everything has advantages and disadvantages and Aadhaar card is no exception to that. So, here you get the list of all the disadvantages related to Aadhaar. Take a glance and think about it:
It will be difficult for illiterate persons to type 12 digit aadhaar number which lacks its proper usage.
The numbers of illiterate person can be misused in election.
Aadhaar is also made for infants, but ever gave it a thought that does infants know the use of this card?
The infants are also included in this policy but after they grow up their face, finger print and iris image will change so, at that time this card will be not valid.
If you want to collect important information regarding your Aadhaar number you have to collect information from Delhi and no were else information is available. This process of collection UIDAI is very much time taking for the card holder.